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ARLYNK offers a CRM platform and 3D solutions to accelerate the digital sales process from prospecting to delivery.

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The real estate market has changed; your job is changing


90% of real estate searches on the internet


of registered prospects do not respond to sales


in productivity lost on unnecessary business tasks
We created

Lynkone – The 100% Digital Marketing Platform

per year saved per sales

thanks to the solutions from the Lynkone platform. Discover how your teams can improve their productivity.

Lynkone provides marketing content and 3D sales support tools on time, on quality, on budget !



Create visual impact with our exterior and interior perspectives by playing with light and photorealism.



Capture attention, increase your conversions with our 4K 3D films: storytelling, inspiration, argument. Create the Wow effect!


model 360

The 360 model becomes the essential tool for accompanying clients, projecting, avoiding objections, and closing a deal quicker.


Floor plan

The 3D floor plan is a plus to help clients visualize in detail the typography of a complex property and to reassure themselves.


virtual tour

With virtual tours, sales representatives have an effective tool to show and sell services to hesitant customers.



The 3D housing configurator is a customization and virtual visit application in real time 3D.



Thanks to virtual reality, show your clients your lots so that they can project themselves into them and become aware of the spaces and volumes.



Facilitate the purchase of new buildings, bring your real estate projects to life before they are built, and trigger the sale.
Lynkone is also

The first digital Sales Enablement Platform for Real Estate

See how to improve the prospecting experience and sell better Book an appointment


Use apps in connected or unconnected mode on PC, iPad, or Tablet terminal for all your mobile presentations.


Video has become a must, use our web or app sales to communicate with your customers !

Lynkone offers a simple, complete, and intelligent real estate CRM

Expected results with Lynkone


of "hot" leads detected faster


more lead conversion


increase in sales productivity
How to do it

What our clients say

“We have digitized our program purchase path with the Lynkone platform. The result: more interactive face-to-face and remote presentations, more efficient marketing and sales teams.”

Delphine GonzalezSales Director

“Arlynk’s CRM and 3D solutions improve the efficiency of our prospecting for office space. The measured impact: +50% of contacts following the sending of our presentation materials!”

Laurence GalloisReal estate consultant – Arthur Loyd

“In addition to a more effective sales aid than the use of ‘paper’ plans, sales representatives are keen to have access to all available lots in a centralized, updated, offline mode, on any digital support.”

Christelle AussandonReal estate negotiator – Gilles Trignat

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