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Lynkone provides you with all the 3D digital tools

to accelerate the marketing of your projects

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think that the quality of advice is better when the salesperson is equipped with a digital tool (Shopper Samsung)

Lynkone provides the 3D digital tools to offer your customers a quality shopping experience.

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With Lynkone, your marketing and sales teams

optimize their 3D marketing content strategy and 3D digital sales support tools through a mix of usage, quality, and budget.

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leads thanks to the broadcast of a 3D video.

Multi-purpose 3D films

Our 4K 3D films allow you to multiply use cases: teasing, portals, display, social networks, sales, corporate communication, competitions, etc.

3D movie teaser

3D movie argumentative

Inspirational 3D film

Argumentative video

3D tools to design your sales paths

Vue cyclorama

The cyclorama view is an indispensable tool for presenting the infrastructures near your real estate project. Remove the doubts of your customers as to the proximity of the latter. It is an indispensable tool for buyers – face-to-face or remotely.

Maquette orbitale

Present the ecosystem of your real estate projects in 360°. The orbital model allows your clients to visualize the environment of your buildings based on external views. Eliminate any doubts!

3D floor plan

Meet the needs of your customers and sales representatives. The 3D floor plan gives a global and detailed perspective of the new home. It combines the practicality of the plan with the richness of the perspectives.

360 virtual tour

Show your customers any rooms thanks to a unique virtual experience, and improve your presentations. If the buyers can visit the property in an unlimited time, the virtual visit also allows you to show any rooms by video conference.

3D Configurator

The 3D housing configurator is a customization and virtual visit app in real time 3D. It allows everyone to customize, very easily in a few clicks, the interior design services.

Do you want to take your customer experience to the next level?

Virtual reality, augmented reality, configurator … our real-time 3D team will help you to implement innovative customer experiences adapted to your needs.

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